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The iPodding of America has finally happened and now it’s Amazon leading the brigade of our micro-niched society. Amazon recently announced that beginning in 2006 they will be selling portions of books on-line, either chapters or pages. No more buying an entire book for just one chapter, page or section, now you can get what you want when you want it. Everyone in the media seems to be turning the blame on iTunes and iPod but in my opinion this is not the fault of the iPodder, this dire need for customization started when Burger King announced: Your burger your way. Well, yeah! I mean why would we want it any other way? Shouldn’t we have what we want, when we want it? And that’s the truth. So dear super-savvy marketer if you’re ready to enter the customized new world it’s time to consider this for your book. I’ve done it for years with my books and people have always questioned my reasoning but in my opinion, it’s always made sense. I mean let’s say you only want to get onto radio and you can’t be bothered with things like Oprah or The Today Show. Well then, great! Now you can plunk down $5.95 and get all the ins and outs of radio promotion but if you decide the entire book is worth your time it’s there too, ready and waiting for your purchase. The thing is, while we spend a lot of time profiling our reader and identifying our audience, never assume that they’ll want to read the entrie book. It’s a blow your ego might not be able to take but it’s a marketing decision that could net you more sales and I say: capture them wherever you can! And ok, I hate to say I told you so and I won’t but check back a few posts and you’ll see what I mean: let the micro-niching of America begin.

And speaking of book buying, check out our store and see what you think: ok, I know it’s shameless but what kind of a marketer would I be if I didn’t include it?

Happy customizing!

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