The Secret to Finding Freelancers

by | Oct 17, 2005 | Book Marketing Basics

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So let’s say you’ve got a great story idea and can’t seem to get through to the major media targets, what do you do? Well how about searching for freelancers! How? Well it’s easy. Just type in “freelancer” or “freelancer writer” and the topic or print publication name (if you’re looking for freelancers who are tied to specific magazines or newspapers). Most freelancers have web sites which you can peruse along with their contact info, some will even have tips for pitching them stories.

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  1. The FileSlinger

    Nice to see you didn’t just say “Go to Elance.” Not that there aren’t capable people there, but I stopped looking at their job postings, because the compensation offered was so pitiful. If you want a writer who’s more of a known quantity, and in particular who writes in a style appropriate to the kind of publications your target audience reads, this is a much better suggestion.


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