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by | May 2, 2005 | Book Marketing Basics

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A bride faking her own kidnapping! What a story and what an opportunity to hang your star on this topic. (for story info see: What? It didn’t occur to you? Well maybe it should have. Barbara D’Angelis who coincidentally has a book out this week got right in there with her pitch and so can you. Barbara’s book: How Did I Get Here? wasn’t a spot on comparison to what the runaway bride was experiencing but Ms. D’Angelis couched in it such a way that it made sense and consequently, she was all over the media. So before you pass this runaway bride off as “nuts” and move on, think about the following pitches and how relatable this could be to your topic!

Here are some pitches that might have worked (and might still work!)

* Saying “no!” Do you over commit? Did Jennifer get herself into a situation she couldn’t get out of because she couldn’t say no?

* The stress of wedding planning! Are you a wedding planner or have you worked in this industry? Perhaps you can comment on how stressful weddings are and make an appeal for hiring some help to plan your day. With over 600 guests and 18 bridesmaids I’m betting our runaway bride could have used a hand (or two).

* Living up to the expectations of others: how much does it drag us down when we’re leading someone else’s life.

* Reinvent yourself! Do you feel like running away? Maybe instead you should reinvent yourself. If you’re a reinvention expert this might be the perfect time to pitch your topic!

* Who are you… really? No one had any idea this timid always-do-the-right thing girl could ever fake her own kidnapping, so beneath our exteriors how many of us are leading a dual life? Or hiding a true self we’re hesitant to expose?

* Wedding etiquette… what do you do when a wedding is postponed or canceled? How to you notify guests, cancel wedding registries, etc. And what about gift returns? When do you return gifts and when is it appropriate to keep them?

And the final one (you know I just couldn’t resist):

How many marriages would last longer if we faked our own kidnapping?

Happy Pitching!


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