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by | Apr 13, 2005 | Book Marketing Basics

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April 7, 2005 Issue #94

Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor



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Welcome to a brand new issue of The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter! So are you using to its full potential? If you’re not you should be. Amazon offers a treasure trove of places to promote and push your book within this virtual store. After you’ve read our article on Amazon, take a stroll over to your own book page and see how you can make the most of!

Wishing you publishing success!

The Team at Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

P.S. In a few weeks we’re going to be launching a brand new version of The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. Stay tuned for updates!


Yes, it’s hard to write, but it’s harder not to.

– Carl Van Doren







For more than three years, we’ve been teaching our “Get Published Today!” class through The Learning Annex. Now this class is also being offered in audio format, downloadable from their website, and, best of all, it’s only $10 during this special offer period!

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Besides being a great place to shop, Amazon also offers considerable marketing opportunities for anyone willing to take the time to explore them. Here are just a few you might want to consider. Keep in mind that Amazon’s site is not static, meaning that they are in a constant state of change. If any of these items aren’t available on the site, keep checking back because Amazon will often shuffle features to gauge their individual popularity.

Tell Amazon Who You Are

One of the first things you’ll want to do is register yourself on Amazon. Once you do you’ll be sent to a “Friends & Favorites” page (or you can click through to there by clicking on your name i.e. “Jack’s Page” on the top tabs), when you get there you’ll see a space to add info on yourself. You can add bio information, your website, email and also a picture. I highly recommend you do this as this information will follow any reviews you should make on the Amazon site.

Have people review your book

Very few people buy a “naked” book – meaning that they won’t buy a book that has no reviews on it. Have people review your book and add any reviews that you’ve gotten from other sources!

The Publishers Page

A page on Amazon will allow you to upload content related to your book to their site. This will allow you to add reviews, descriptive text, bio info and much more. The link for this page is: Reviewers

Take a look at other books similar to yours and see who’s reviewed them. If they are reviewers you might want to go after them. Especially if they are one of the top 10 reviewers, these reviewers carry a certain amount of “clout” on the site and with other readers, and many times reviewers like Harriet Klauser (Amazon’s #1 reviewer) will send your review out to other sites as well!

Reviewing Books

It’s always a good idea to review other books in your genre. When you do this, don’t just review from the perspective of a reader, review from the perspective of an expert and make sure to add your contact info (or your website) in the review area!

Make a recommendation!

Recommend an item on similar to yours! This is a great thing to do whenever a new book comes out in your genre.

So You’d Like To… (SYLT) Guides!

This is another great place to promote any articles you’ve written. You can load your advice/articles/book excerpts onto the So You’d Like To… Guides at by clicking on the “Friends and Favorites” link at the top of the Amazon site, then look for “Write a So You’d Like To…” Guide and start the process. They key here is to make sure you have a list of books you recommend to go with your SYLT guide (including yours!). The links to your article will be featured on each of your recommended book pages.

Using Amazon as an additional promotion tool is a savvy way to make sure your presence on the net doesn’t end with your web site. Go where the readers go and in so doing, you’ll lead them right to your book.

Happy Selling!






Email Signatures

Don’t forget that every email that goes out should have your email signature selling your book/product/service! Just like a business card, there are many different layouts and designers you can use depending on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Do you know who was the first company to use an email signature? Hotmail!



Planning is analogous to what pilots do before leaving the hangar. They create a flight plan outlining how they will fly from one point to the other. Once they take off, unanticipated events may occur that require adjustments to their initial plan. Turbulence may force them to change altitude, or they may have to change course to avoid thunderstorms. Pilots adjust their plan as necessary to complete their journey most expeditiously. Your marketing plan should be similar to a flight plan. It is a description of your destination and a set of instructions of how to get there. At the same time it describes what to do when circumstances change.

Tip offered by Brian Jud of Book Marketing Works and author of Beyond the Bookstore and the NEW series of Proven Tips for Publishing Success.



Both online and off, book clubs are big business and a great way to spread the word about your book. One such club, (, began with an interesting concept. They feature a new selection Monday through Friday with book club members receiving a 5-minute book sample delivered directly to their e-mail. The reads are consecutive, giving the reader a chance to get “hooked” on the book they are previewing. They offer 11 different clubs in total: fiction, non-fiction, romance, audio, teen, business, mystery, good news (features Christian titles), horror, sci-fi, and pre-publications (books featured a few weeks before their release date). As of this writing, boasts over 220,000 members and this list is growing every day.

To submit a book to them for consideration send your advanced copy or final book to:

1002 S. Orange Ave.

Sarasota, FL 34236

Be sure to put your contact information in the book. This is important so that the staff at can notify you that your book has been selected. They do not accept poetry books, or books comprised of short stories. Also, keep in mind that they preview only 8,500 words so, about the first 23 pages of your book. If that number of pages is more than 10 percent of your total book, then the selection probably isn’t right for the club.



If you’d like to find out about more book clubs here are two more sites you can check out: and



A great way to keep track of your book is through Junglescan: – you can follow sales on Amazon and compare this statistical information over weeks and even months.



I’m co-hosting the Cuzin Eddie Show with Eddie Allen on the WMCL Mighty 1060 in McLeansboro, IL. If you’d like your book considered for this show, please send us a query at with the subject line “CuzinEddieShow.”


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  1. Joe

    My name is Joe, reader of First lady president. I’m in the process of promoting this book far and wide and have been doing several of the ideas you discussed, Thank you for all of the ideas … I plan to implement as many of them as possible.Glad you’ll enjoy the book (and hope you enjoy Infoquake)!

  2. Casey Hibbard

    Hi Penny,

    You mentioned the Indie Excellence awards in this issue. Is there a bigger list somewhere of the awards that indie publishers can submit for? Are there any mainstream book awards where indie books can win?



    • Penny

      You should research book awards online — there’s a listing of these somewhere although I apologize that I don’t have it handy.

  3. marcus

    I always loved hearing you on WMCL. Will you be returning anytime?

  4. Penny

    I haven’t been on in a while I know – I don’t know if I’ll be returning or not. Sure do miss Cuzin Eddie 🙂

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