The Top 30 US Media Markets

by: Penny

A lot of people refer to the “Top 30 US Media Markets” but often I get asked: “So what are they?” Some of them are pretty easy like New York and Los Angeles, the others might surprise you. Keep in mind that this list changes – Phoenix, Arizona, for example, was at one time a top 10 market, now it’s dropped to #12. Why is this important? Because publishing houses typically focus on the top 10-30 markets when they are pushing an author to the media. If you’re in one of those markets and having a hard time finding someone to cover your story, that might be why. Consider alternative towns/cities nearby that don’t fall within this list. Good luck!

1) New York

2) Los Angeles

3) Chicago

4) Philadelphia

5) Dallas-Ft Worth

6) San Francisco-Oak-San Jose

7) Boston (Manchester)

8.) Atlanta

9) Washington, DC

10) Houston

11) Detroit

12) Phoenix (Prescott)

13) Tampa-St Pete (Sarasota)

14) Seattle-Tacoma

15) Minneapolis-St Paul

16) Miami- Ft. Lauderdale

17) Cleveland-Akron

18) Denver

19) Orlando-Daytona Beach

20) Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto

21) St Louis

22) Portland, OR

23) Pittsburgh

24) Charlotte

25) Indianapolis

26) Baltimore

27) Raleigh-Durham

28) San Diego

29) Nashville

30) Hartford & New Haven


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