Leslie Hachtel, Author of The Defiant Bride and Texas SummerShe [Penny] and her team are fantastic. They delivered reviews, exposure on social media and got my name out there. With so many books being published every day, that alone is a feat...Penny and her team are the BEST! I have a new book coming out soon and another after that and I will absolutely hire Penny and her team again to promote me and my work.

Leslie Hachtel, Author of The Defiant Bride and Texas Summer

Melanie Denman, Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medalist for Visiting the Sins."Thanks so much, Penny. I really appreciate all the support from your staff - they have been helpful and very responsive at every step???When my next book comes out your group will definitely be on my pre-launch team."

Melanie Denman, Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medalist for Visiting the Sins.

James Ross, Winner of Trindiefest International Film Festival's Feature Film/Drama Category for adaptation of Opur's Blade"My experience with AME and the free Kindle giveaway program has been outstanding. Like most authors my hesitation was giving away a product that took many hours of work to complete.

However, during the promotion my book rose to the Number 1 position in two fiction categories and soared into the Top 50 overall. My reviews increased tenfold and the sales that were generated after the promotion ended increased significantly.

I could not be happier and I intend to use the same services from AME on other titles as well."

James Ross, Winner of Trindiefest International Film Festival's Feature Film/Drama Category for adaptation of Opur's Blade

Cherry Adair, New York Times Best Selling Author"I love the team at Author Marketing Experts and these programs really helped boost my book exposure and I got some really great reviews! Love it! I highly recommend these campaigns!"

Cherry Adair, New York Times Best Selling Author

Jonelle Patrick, Author of Fallen Angel"Not only did the AME team take care of the dizzying array of social media placements I was too swamped to handle myself, they set things up so that after my campaign was finished, I could easily keep up the good work.

The AME team delivered a solid book launch for Fallen Angel and set up what has turned out to be an easily sustainable marketing program. Thanks to the groundwork they laid, my book continues to sell at a steady rate, over a year later.

It was always a pleasure to work with the AME team. They were warm ??? but professional ??? and quickly responded to my questions and occasional moments of panic. I especially appreciated their creative thinking when it came to figuring out how to launch an ebook while working within the traditionalist culture at my publisher. They went to bat for me with the publicity department, suggesting new ways to do promotions, using the channels my publisher preferred.

I learned a lot about how to use social media for book promotion by working with AME ??? watching how the pros do it was a million times more useful than reading reams of advice from people who don't have the results to back it up. I saw first-hand what worked for my book, and learned how to keep the momentum going."

Jonelle Patrick, Author of Fallen Angel

John Benedict, Author of The Edge of Death"I wanted to thank you personally and your staff for your efforts on my behalf in our recent campaign.
I've had some amazing results !
So, thanks again for all your efforts--they really do seem to be paying off with tangible results!"

John Benedict, Author of The Edge of Death

The People Factor"Penny and her team helped us get some top reviewers for the book which created the early momentum we needed. The People Factor now has nearly 200 reviews on Amazon in just six months. Thank you Author Marketing Experts."

The People Factor

Catana Tully, Author of Split at the Root"I self-published my book, Split at the Root, but had no idea of the work that awaited me when it came to marketing it. Penny and the AME team took me under their wings and patiently guided me in learning the tricks of the marketing trade. Even after the program I signed up for concluded, the team was available to answer my questions, offer suggestions and encouragement. Within the year, my book reached the #1 position on Amazon's Bestseller list in its category. I am ever-so pleased I signed up with AME."

Catana Tully, Author of Split at the Root

Guy Kawasaki, Bestselling Author, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur ???Penny, you are the woman, thanks for showing me the way with APE. I appreciate your help and guidance promoting it!???

Guy Kawasaki, Bestselling Author, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

Christine M. WhiteheadI used the services of Author Marketing Experts recently to promote a novel that had already been out in the public realm for three years. It's a daunting task but AME helped me get reviews; gave my book visibility; gave me invaluable pointers. I'd been involved with several other marketing agencies since 2009 and AME gave me the best pointers which led to sales and readers. I absolutely will use AME's services in advance of my second book being published so that I can jump on getting the word out there. I highly recommend their services, their integrity, and their expertise. You won't be sorry.


Christine M. Whitehead

- Charlie Mac, Author of Legends Lost     For any aspiring author who thinks his or her book will just magically become a world-wide best seller once it's completed...prepare for the shock of your life.

Let me explain.

For me, writing Legends Lost was the easy part -- although, at the time, I didn't know it. It's what follows that's the problem. First, your book has to be edited...and I mean EDITED! Talk about a wakeup call.

In any case, the manuscript was turned into a book. The book was printed. The media was alerted. Can't miss? Right?

Wrong. And this is where it gets tricky. A writer needs help. A lot of help. Consider: I came from a sales and marketing background. That's a plus, because the only person who's going to promote your book is you. Yep, that's right...you. Promoting Legends Lost is pretty easy for me; I'm used to making 100 phone calls a day, visiting any live body who will listen to my pitch, begging, cajoling, and whining. I'm also not above crying if necessary.

What about you? Do you have the skills and training to do all of the above? Do you have the skills to do any of the above? Even with my background, I decided I needed help. No matter what my publisher and I did, it wasn't going to be enough.

That's where a good publicist comes in. I'm not going to lie; I had always thought a publicist was the person who tells the Hollywood Hotties to go out to their favorite restaurant and make sure not to wear underwear.

Not in the publishing world. A literary publicist is going to take all you're doing (and what you're not doing) and funnel information to the maximum number of potential buyers/reviewers, etc, in a shorter period of time. In a stroke of sheer genius, before we released Legends Lost, I asked my editor/publisher, who was the best publicist in the literary business. She didn't hesitate.

Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. AME is the difference maker because they create a path that expands public awareness of Legends Lost in a logical, professional, and successful way. Think of it this way: a good business person hires people to do the job that he or she cannot do. If you're lacking in marketing skills, you'd better think about how you're going to get it done.

Does this cost money? Of course, but doesn't everything?

If you're not willing to invest in your book, who will?

- Charlie Mac, Author of Legends Lost

- Stephanie Bennett VogtHi Penny,

I hope you're having a wonderful summer.

I wanted you to be one of the first to know that my book Your Spacious Self got picked up by Hierophant Publishing ??? a division of Hampton Roads ??? and is due to come out on November 1st, 2012 !! Hampton Roads has published a number of all-time bestsellers including Conversations with God. I'm super excited!!

You and your staff at Author Marketing Experts were instrumental in giving my self-published "baby" some visibility and traction. Your suggested overhauls to my website, social networking, SEO and blogging guidelines (which I followed by posting twice a week for three years straight) was pure gold for honing my message and growing my platform. Though it has taken five years, I am one of those success stories that you write about. So thank you!

Thanks again so much!!

All best,

- Stephanie Bennett Vogt

Thank you! It was a great experience and I'm glad I signed up.

- Ben (a.k. Johnny Miles)

Thank you, Penny! I thoroughly enjoy your classes. Keep up the good work.

- Author, G. D. Grace

You do great work, can't wait for the next webinar. I will have to catch the recording of tomorrow's session. But I will definitely make it a point not to miss any of yours that I'm aware of.

- Marlene, www.RelevantSpirituality.com

I've been listening to your webinars for Lulu and you are fantastic. Your communication skills are marvelous and the information you've given has been invaluable. I have set up my blog, linked my facebook, made my fan page, linked my twitter, am working on my squidoo lenses????????and I have you to thank. Of course, I'm just beginning.

- Kim L. Martinez

Kudos to Penny Sansavieri and her team at Author Marketing Experts. You guys are the Greyhound bus of on-line book marketing. What a relief to leave the driving in such capable hands.

Your professional expertise provided on-line contacts and exposure that continue to gain marketing opportunities for this new author. Thank you for creating the media "buzz"?? so desperately needed. One blogger's review already has more than 8800 hits in the first six weeks. That's more people than I could ever reach on my own!

AME: the best one stop on-line marketing shop out there!

- Jill Byrne

Thank you for showing me the ways of Internet marketing!

As you may or may not know, last week I sold my 10,500th e-book and crossed the 35,000 download threshold.

I have had 260 paperbacks printed. I gave away 127, sold 103 and have 30 in my amazon fulfillment store's inventory.

I have realized $13,532 in sales and accumulated some $12,063 dollars in expenses related to publishing and publicity.

IF I had never gone to paper, never hired a PR firm and never paid to have an audio book made, I would have hit break even much sooner and maybe even made more money. BUT if I wanted to make more money and play it safe I would never have embarked on this Authorian Adventure.

Your counsel has been wise and your efforts wonderfully laudable. When my next story is ready, I'll be back.

- B.L., Author in Multiple Media, SoIWroteThisBook.com

Penny Sansevieri and the team at Author Marketing Experts have helped me understand the power of advertising on the Internet and promoted my newest book in ways I did not know existed. They also helped me improve my web site so that visitors would find it chock full of relevant information. The team was able to reach the target audience for my book, Differentiating Reading Instruction, and hugely improved the number of visitors to my web site. Their use of the web on my behalf gave me a presence beyond my expectations. Their unique marketing techniques worked beautifully for my book. I plan to maintain this terrific business relationship!

- Laura Robb

Penny's Red Hot Internet Marketing is a 'must attend' workshop for all those who are having trouble navigating the Internet and using it fully to their advantage. Technology is rapidly and forever changing, and utilizing Penny's technological and marketing expertise is one of the best things authors, writer's organizations or small presses can do for themselves. Her wit and charm and presentation style coupled with her stunning comprehension of Internet marketing opportunities is easily worth three times her fee. A session with Penny is loaded with information and her Red Hot Internet Publicity book is a great back up resource (or stand-alone book) to these Internet Marketing intensives. If you have a chance to book her do it now!

- Karen Villanueva Author Services, New Mexico Book Association Publicist

"Having my first book published is a great event, but I quickly learned my publisher does not give a lot of marketing support.

"The best thing they did was introduce me to Author Marketing Experts. The viral marketing activity created books reviews, radio and podcast interviews. In short, gave me great exposure for a first time writer. Because of the exposure I received I was invited by Entrepreneur magazine to write a monthly column and to be an official blogger.

"I would use Author Marketing Experts again. I believe I received great value for the investment. The staff was easy to work with, professional and followed through."

- Ray Silverstein PRO, President's Resource Organization???

We have truly gotten coverage way beyond our expectations!

- John Ruffin, Many Roads Publishing

Nothing but praise here. Penny Sansevieri stayed on target despite audience distraction, which I'm grateful for. Thanks again for your enthusiastic session. It always rubs off.

- Carol Wiseman, patchworkofcomforts.com

I learned more from Penny Sansevieri in that afternoon then I'd been able to, scrounging around on my own, for the last year! Her realistic approach helped us truly grasp what we should expect out in "the Market," without making it sound too big, bad and scary. Penny have a knack for getting the point across in such a way that my interest was held through the entire seminar.

- Karen Breeden

I loved Penny's class on Internet Publicity--chock full of information. I would have liked two or more hours with her. Miss Sansevieri is so accessible, wise, funny and articulate--a great combination of gifts that inspires confidence!

- Mary Knight, Author of Love Letters Before Birth and Beyond.

Penny Sansevieri's class was wonderfully useful, and it's great hearing this stuff from a marketing pro who also writes.

- Greg Dobrin

It was not only extremely helpful content, but Penny made it a friendly, fun non-intimidating atmosphere that was important to me as a first timer to a writers conference. Also, meeting a few people beforehand and Penny helped me feel like I was part of the conference right away, which helped me start out the conference Friday feeling less like an "outsider." Thank you Penny!

- Shawn O'Neill

I have told a number of people that in my eight years of working/attending the conference, Penny C. Sansevieri 's Striking Internet Gold session was the absolute best.

- Nancy Ruff

Penny Sansevieri's workshop was one of the most productive and interactive ones at the conference. It was truly a "hands on" event and a great way to focus on the upcoming weekend. I wound up being very prepared for the conference and was able to do pre-planning for the workshop due to Penny's helpful e-mail messages. I would recommend Author Marketing Experts, Inc.s workshop to just about anyone, new or old to the conference. I have been to the conference before, but the Striking Internet Gold workshop helped me to get the most out of my stay this year and for me it was the best one yet!

- Mary Ann Schradi

Penny Sansevieri is a keeper; her workshop is a keeper! Thanks, again and again, for a great afternoon. Ready to embark on my first conference adventure, Penny calmed my soul, stilled my fears, and spurred my courage.

- Taylor West Portland, Oregon

Penny Sansevieri's seminar ideas are empowering. For over twenty years I have been interviewed locally, regionally and by national media like 48 Hours and The Newshour with Jim Leher. In all that time I didn't have a clue about how to prepare for an interview to get the kind of message that I wanted to be able to communicate rather than being at the mercy of the interviewer. Such a tip as learning to talk in sound bites was a new and helpful idea. Thank you Penny for your help.

- Sue Young, Author of Lethal Friendships

My husband, Tom and I were fortunate to attend Penny's Red Hot Internet Marketing Seminar last Saturday. It was everything we hoped it would be and more.

Penny Sansevieri is a polished and entertaining speaker, an expert in her field who deftly and effectively demystified a complex topic. Her dynamic presentation was packed with great stories, statistics, helpful ideas, techniques, and suggestions about what doesn't work as well as what does. When attendees are alert after a big lunch, you know you're in the presence of greatness!

Within hours of the seminar, Tom tried one of her techniques to get a higher ranking on Google and turned up on page one in no time flat. We have spent lots of time and money on books, DVDS, and on-line classes, none of them have been as effective, as entertaining or as motivating as Penny Sansevieri. A Penny seen is a dollar earned!

- Diane Keyes President, IFB Home Staging Author, This Sold House

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I've been with your company and the services it has provided me.

- Dara Girard, The Writer Behind the Words and the Sapphire Pendant

Government Says: Today a Penny Is Worthless

This is Not True of Penny Sansevieri!

Penny came to Minnesota to do a daylong seminar for writers and publishers. From word one, Penny presented wisdom, tricks and techniques, feedback, case studies, and simple how to's about marketing your book on the Internet--and how to get publicity and visibility. She gave so much valuable information that one man said his brain was swimming with super ideas to implement and that she was worth every penny.

As a web-based book review and author interview site, I learned so much that I was both exhilarated and exhausted at day's end. Yes, Penny is worth her weight in gold.

If you have a chance to hear her, do. If not, everything (except her energetic personality) is in her book, Red Hot Internet Publicity.

- Connie Anderson, Armchair Interviews

I've just reviewed your Red Hot Internet Publicity on my blog. You can read the review here:

I love your book; I think it's very important for authors and book publicists to read.

- Cheryl Rainfield

I wanted to thank you for the excellent work your team did in helping me to promote the debt-free living lifestyle. Your team was able to guide me in redesigning my web site for higher traffic, establish a free newsletter, start a blog and get me on several radio shows. This effort resulted in a 150% increase in hits to the web site as well as a 600% increase in my newsletter subscriptions. I am still amazed at the response! I found your fee exceedingly reasonable compared with the remarkable results I had. I will be using your services again when I launch my next book.

- Janine Bolon, SmartCents, Inc.

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, Penny Sansevieri provides the most promotional value available for an author in today's tight marketplace. Her savvy and experience in the business allows her to tailor the perfect marketing plan around your specific needs. If your goals include generating name recognition as an author and a buzz for your book, there's no better person for the job, sense or dollars wise, period!

- Michael Mehas, Author of Stolen Boy

Working with Penny and team at AME on their Virtual Author Tours was like having my biggest fan running around inside the World Wide Web tapping every website on the shoulder while declaring the virtues of my debut novel with as much passion as might my own mother. I couldn't have received better exposure without my name being Dan Brown and my book being titled the Da Vinci Code.

- Eric Penz, Author of Cryptid

I am delighted with the promotion work AME has done for me. Penny Sansevieri and her dedicated crew have produced a major online buzz for my sexy, fun novel. I've done 80 some events at bookstores, book clubs, libraries, festivals, even spas but an author can only travel so much. The scope of the web is practically infinite. From reviews on many romance sites to articles, blogs and even a podcast interview, this is a terrific way to get the word out nationwide and beyond.

- Kathryn Jordan, Author of Hot Water

Promoting my own work still feels foreign and uncomfortable to me. Penny Sansevieri and her staff helped me every step of the way.

- Francisco X. Stork, Author of Behind the Eyes

When it comes to book marketing success, no one knows it better than Penny Sansevieri. I engaged Penny to help me promote my book Their Way Home over a year ago, and the leads continue to pour in. Penny's one of the few in this industry who knows how to build an author into a long-term success story, and she does it well. Her industry-insider knowledge and well-honed strategies are the most effective I've ever seen. Penny's the secret marketing weapon every author wants on their team.

- Melissa Van Rossum, Author of Their Way Home

If you want to be on the cutting edge of social media marketing strategies, Penny Sansevieri, founder and CEO of AME, shares her insider secrets and strategies to rocket your book to online success!

- Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason