How to Request a Book Review

by: Penny

If you’ve written a book – or plan to be published – you want the world to know about your book. One method to get the word out is via book reviews, but for many novices the process stops there because they don’t know how to get started. Sabrina Williams of Breeni Books has posted a useful article on the book review process, from researching to pitching, that’s a keeper. And be sure to visit her project The Book Bloggers, an ongoing series introducing reviewers and their review criteria.

Posted by Paula Krapf of Author Marketing Experts, Inc.


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  • Breeni Books

    Thank you so much for the praise, Paula! I was hopeful this article would help someone, as fellow reviewers and I have been noticing for some time that the same skill that crafts amazing books doesn’t always transfer over into review requests. And reviews are a big part of an author’s online presence and image, so making a good impression from the outset is critical, even if the book isn’t necessarily a good match for the person being solicited.

  • Sheila Deeth

    Interesting article. I hadn’t even thought about asking for reviews – I have a lot to learn.

  • Paula Krapf

    Sabrina, I’m happy to help spread the word – the tips are very helpful and I’ve shared them with many authors already. The Book Bloggers is also a valuable resource; I’ve even met a few new reviewers for our authors.

    Sheila, I hope these tips help you. I know you’ll find the book blogging community very helpful, and I hope you get some reviews along the way!

  • Cassidy McKay

    What a great article, and very helpful to new authors.

  • http://http// Ron

    This is exactly what I need, to have my book “A to Z with Andy and Zack” now available reveled to the public.

    would also like to have a great review of course…

  • Penny

    Hey Ron! Good luck with the review process and wishing you much success with the book!

  • Debra Franklin

    I would like to have my book The Soft Days reviewed by anyone!