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This Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites for July 3
July 3, 2010by: Penny
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It’s the week of fun edition; with crazy book titles, the worst how-to books, odd author items sold at auction and more – perfect for summer. Oh – and there’s some serious publishing news mixed in, too. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

* Advice for authors on book promotion and reviews,

* GetGlue, a social network for entertainment, partners with book publishers for summer’s hot reads

* Gay themed novels for young readers enter the mainstream,

* Celebrities poke fun at other celeb’s books (see Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson as Madonna reading ‘Sex’),

The Brady Bunch opening grid, season one

Image via Wikipedia

* Libraries and librarians are endangered species: what you can do to help,

* Small chain to sell Kindles at their 11 airport bookstores,

* It’s never too late: 82-year-old grandmother lands three-book deal,

* Advice to authors: respect the reader, put a lot of effort into writing, editing, revising your book,

* Competition among e-book readers heats up – learn how to make your book available,

Woman browse books on an unknown library.

Image via Wikipedia

* Barnes & Noble captures 20% of e-book market,

* The most ridiculous how-to books of all time, You mean you aren’t interested in How to be Pope?

* More celebs get book deals: I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden; Rob Lowe,

* Librarians join forces to create online e-book library:

Kindle DX in rotated position.

Image via Wikipedia

* Kindle DX gets a new look and new lower price of $379,

* Can Google really help indie bookstores? Will it save the brick and mortar stores?

* 12 of the worst book titles ever, Living With Crazy Buttocks is definitely eligible.

* Author’s book title inadvertently becomes Facebook Fan Page phenom,

Jane Austen, Watercolour and pencil portrait b...

Image via Wikipedia

* Ten summer young-adult books you’ll want to read, despite your age,

* Jane Austen’s hair, Dickens’ dog collar: 9 of the most surprising auctioned author memorabilia,

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (...
Image by Nayara – Oliveira via Flickr

* 27 reasons that Eclipse the movie is better than Eclipse the book (snarky slideshow!),

* Molly Ringle writes the worst sentence of 2010 (it’s pretty bad!),

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This Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites from June 26, 2010
June 26, 2010by: Penny
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Barnes & Noble nook (ebook reader device)

Image via Wikipedia

It’s hard to get away from digital books – even if you don’t own an e-reader, they are in the news and this past week was no exception. As soon as Barnes and Noble lowered the price on the Nook, Amazon followed suit by lowering the price on its Kindle, with both now under $200; and Borders was right on their heels, with a great deal and gift card for its Kobo. And the outcome: at least for now, great deals for the consumer.

Cover of

Cover of Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Here’s a look at some other news, and of course, it could not be complete without Stephenie Meyer and the ‘Twilight’ series – the latest movie, ‘Eclipse,’ opens June 30.

* Interesting piece about valuing the books that have already been published and how technology makes these books more accessible: ‘The Tyranny of the New: Why the Future of Books May be Old Books,’

* The June 26 lunar eclipse is ‘Twilight Night’ in 12 cities – the first 2 Twilight movies will be shown outdoors,

* Great for consumers: e-reader price wars begin and e-readers are now under $200, and

* ‘E-books, hardcovers, online booksellers and stores: Why everybody can win,’

* 11 bestselling and very cool book apps for adults & kids (Dr. Seuss, the Bible and more!),

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert, 2007

Image via Wikipedia

* What are the best book covers of 2009?

* Prepare for the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ juggernaut as the movie starring Julia Roberts opens in August,

Ellen DeGeneres in 2009.

Image via Wikipedia

* Ellen DeGeneres lands a book deal for her memoir,×46.

* Vintage typewriters that belonged to Kerouac and Updike ring in huge sales,

* Top 10 women travelers in fiction – anyone you’d add?

* More staggering Kindle sales stats (and advice) from J.A. Konrath,

* Quote of the week – Stephenie Meyer: ‘I’m Really Burned Out on Vampires,’

* Simon & Schuster releases an e-book timed to coincide with President Obama accepting General McChrystal’s resignation, ‘Truman Fires MacArthur,’

* Drunk writers were better sober, psychiatrist says,

Diary of a wimpy kid

Image via Wikipedia

* Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 scheduled for March 2011 release, since the first movie was a hit,

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This Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites from June 19, 2010
June 19, 2010by: Penny
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What is the future of publishing? That’s been the question on many minds for some time now, and this week at the Untethered Conference in NYC, publishers tried to sort it all out. The conference produced some good news and information for the industry according to its standard-bearers, while many observers live tweeting the event wondered if the speakers were on an acid trip (really – this was the Tweet from @SmartBitches: #unteth and that’s the end of the CEO panel. I don’t think i dropped acid but perhaps i did and this is alternate universe).

The Crystal Ball

Image via Wikipedia

Who to believe? Without a crystal ball, it’s hard to say, but here are some stories and tweets from the event – some retweeted by our own Penny Sansevieri ( – so you decide:

iPad Love and the Future of Book Publishing at Untethered 2010 from Publishers Weekly.

Bold Predictions for the Tablet Market Need a Dose of Reality from DailyFinance

What is the future of publishing? – books any way you want them. Follow the consumer

Why is ‘realistic page turning’ an #ereader feature? Was the Model T mktd as ‘smells like a horse’? #unteth

Harper Collins CEO Brian Murray predicts digital will make up 40 to 50 pct of book sales in 5 yrs.

Osnos, Steinberger, Murray & Reidy say book publishing biz model is “healthy.” /via @calreid (I am pondering definition of healthy)

Yet again myth that consumers expect content for free is trotted out.

The book publishing CEOs are delivering upbeat messages but their voices are like they’re at a funeral

And now for the rest of the news:

* Don’t doubt the power of social media. During the Lakers-Celtics finals Thursday night there were more than 3,000 tweets per second during the game

American lawyer and television personality Sta...

Image via Wikipedia

* Juicy novel alert: ex-View host Star Jones pens book about ‘Daytime Talk Show Revenge’

* Gift book ideas for Father’s Day (still time for last-minute shopping!)

* Bestselling self help author Wayne Dyer accused of plagiarism

* is the #1 financially healthiest retail company for two years running

* 16 year old sailor just rescued from Indian Ocean to write book

* 5 lessons publishers can learn from film and music

The Amazon Kindle 2

Image via Wikipedia

* Is the compromise Kindle e-book price going to be $12.99?

* What are the 5 ‘buzziest’ summer beach reads?

* The Kardashian sisters get a book deal, Kardashian Konfidential, an “advice book with lots of pictures”

Image representing Huffington Post as depicted...
Image via CrunchBase

* ‘My Publishing Journey from eBooks to pBooks’ (author Boyd Morrison for Huffington Post)

* ‘Publishers are not as dumb as some people think’ (re: how many publishers have the upper hand regarding electronic book rights)

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This Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites from June 12, 2010
June 12, 2010by: Penny
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The publishing world does not really slow down in the summer months – there is always something happening …

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

* In the complain and sometimes you get results department, Amazon now has live paid and free hourly Kindle Bestseller lists available:

* Already a hot seller, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer is now available for free through July 5 if you are willing to read it online:

* No matter how much texting they do (and it’s A LOT), teens still seem to prefer print books over digital formats:

* They’ll quibble over what this means, but iBook users have downloaded more than 5 million e-books, says Steve Jobs

??? Steve Jobs?..

Image by StudioEgo via Flickr

* However, Apple cannot become complacent since the brawl to dominate the e-book market is only just beginning:

* The show may be over but there’s still news: BEA 2010 Survey of Book-Buying Behavior (interesting findings!)

* Some very interesting thoughts on Kindle pricing, business models and competition from marketing guru Seth Godin:

* Actress Demi Moore’s memoir reportedly sells for $2 million – will you read it?

* Gleeks rejoice: the first in a line of Glee-themed books will hit stores in August:

John  Grisham

John Grisham via

* 25 iconic book covers as noted by AbeBooks:

* With his latest book in stores, John Grisham is now a bestselling children’s author, too:

* The New York Times takes a comparative look at the big e-readers: “smarter devices and more choices”

* The Author’s Guild and Wiley Publishing is having a dust-up over royalties that the publisher proposed for its authors, with a lot of back and forth that Publishers Weekly recaps:

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This Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites for June 5, 2010
June 5, 2010by: Penny
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The publishing world is never dull, sit back, and enjoy: whether it’s growth in e-book sales, a new digital e-reader device entering the market, an upgrade to an existing digital reader, a longtime holdout to digital books agreeing to offer his work as e-books, hardly a day goes by without more news on the digital front. Oh, and there’s a lot of non e-book/digital device related news too!

iPad blurs the line between traditional devices

Image by myuibe via Flickr

* E-book sales jumped 252% in the first quarter of 2010, the biggest growth in the market:

* Smart idea: British children’s writer sells e-stories for Nintendo DS:

* With Apple’s iPad getting a lot of buzz in the book world, here are 5 killer iPad apps for authors:

* It’s only been a 100-year wait, but Mark Twain’s autobiography is finally on its way:

* Color Kindle `still a long way out,’ says Amazon CEO: – and Amazon will launch a thinner, sharper Kindle to compete with iPad: Also, the Kindle is for sale in Target stores.

* Parties are planned this summer for the 50th anniversary of the classic To Kill a Mockingbird:

Mark Twain photo portrait.

Image via Wikipedia

* Test your knowledge of hard times in literature with this Guardian UK quiz:

* Time to start a summer reading list, and USA Today has some recommendations:

* 12 great overlooked books by famous authors:

* Novel promo’s a laugh riot (clever promotional idea):

* Not an overnight success story: Bestselling author David Baldacci discusses his 15 years of rejections:

* Report: Texas Attorney General probes agency model and Apple – is it price fixing?

* Bookshelf Porn: A collection of all the best bookshelf photos for people that *heart* bookshelves:

* Why cell phone novels are part of publishing’s future:

* Amazon vs. Apple be damned: publishers pine for universal e-book format:

taci cat

Image via Wikipedia

* What is Kitty up to? Cats can now tweet with a new liveblogging device (hint: at least 75% of the time he or she will be sleeping):

* Borders adds a $120 e-reader to its shelves:

* Apple launches self-publishing iBooks program:

* Another holdout relents: Larry McMurtry joins the e-book rush:

* Digital sales will overtake print sales in five years, not ten, says president of Sony’s digital reading business division:

* The Fast Company Guide to E-Readers (which one is best?)

* Hyperion teams up with Glamour magazine for a series of books:

* The New Yorker has chosen its “20 Under 40″ list of fiction writers worth watching:

Cover of

Cover of Lonesome Dove

* Bloomberg’s Top 50 Business Books (published since Jan. ’09):

* 10 great summer books from O magazine – reviews and reading guides:

* Twenty successful self-published authors:

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The Week in Publishing – Bits and Bites for May 29, 2010
May 29, 2010by: Penny
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This past week brought Book Expo America, the publishing industry’s annual gathering. The show was a two-day affair although word is next year’s event will be extended to three days.

Aside from new book buzz – which is always a show highlight – topics included the future of the industry, digital books and their impact on publishing and social media.

Suggested BEA reading includes:

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

Image via Wikipedia

* CEOs debate e-books, piracy, and the value of the book

* Online communities meet the real world

* Global e-books and the agency model at IDPF’s Digital Book 2010

* Publishing for the age of abundance,

* Technochondria

* Designing e-strategy for authors

* Which books are getting big buzz at BEA? PW takes a look:

Random tips from BEA:

* Authors should own their own e-mail lists! Do not rely on publisher, empower yourself, grow readership

* New term being bandied about at BEA: authorpreneur

* Bowker: Computer is still biggest e-reading device (37%); then Kindle (32%), iPhone (10%), iPad (3% after 3 weeks in market!)

* 9% of the US adult population bought an ebook in 2009. 56% bought actual books.

* SavvyAunty: it’s ok to repeat yourself across different platforms. Goal is to create higher number of impressions and consistency

* Cell phone books were 4 of 5 top titles in Japan last year. All are free online (w/ writer-reader interaction), millions sold in print.

* Solid advice: publishers need to be training authors on social media, starting with goals & philosophy, not specific platforms


And… be sure to tune into Publishing Insiders on Tuesday, June 1, 4 p.m. Pacific where we’ll talk about the hottest genre around – Erotica:–erotica-equals-hot-books:

Steamy novels and cover boy hunks have given publishing a much-needed shot in the arm. Learn how the Erotic Romance genre is just exploding. Learn about the skyrocketing sales and the methods erotica authors and publishers use to find their audience. And – wonder how those handsome hunks end up on the cover? We’ll find out how they get there and what it’s like to be on the cover of one of the hottest selling books around! Our guests include author Jayne Rylon,, Tina Engler Keen, founder of Elora’s Cave Publishing, and cover model CJ Hollenbach,

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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Shame on you, Publish America
February 24, 2010by: Penny
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I wondered at first if this was a joke. PublishAmerica sending your book to Random House? While this may seem like a good idea to some, the truth is it’s likely a scam. Here’s the deal. Random House has enough unsolicited submissions to last them a lifetime and unless PublishAmerica has gotten into some special arrangement with RH (which I doubt) – then this major NY house won’t give PublishAmerica’s books the time of day, especially if they’re submitted en masse as it seems to indicate from this blog post.

Here’s the truth: do your homework authors. Don’t buy into something just because someone is throwing a “big name” at you. If it looks too good to be true, it likely is.

And frankly, this is the kind of thing that gives self-publishing a bad name.

Here is the stream on Twitter

Green Books Campaign
November 10, 2009by: Penny
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Today, 100 bloggers, who review books on a regular basis, will simultaneously publish their book reviews of a “green” book of their choice. This unique campaign, organized by Eco-Libris (, aims to encourage both publishers and readers to get greener and make sure books are printed responsibly.

“Although there’s so much hype around e-books, books printed on paper dominate the book market, and we want them to be as environmentally sound as possible,” explains Raz Godelnik, co-founder and CEO of Eco-Libris. “Very few books are currently printed responsibly and we hope this initiative will bring more exposure to “green” books. Through this campaign we want to encourage publishers to get greener and readers to take the environment into consideration when purchasing books.”

We were pleased to participate by submitting for review one of the green books we toured online earlier this year: The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget by Josh Dorfman. Not only is the book chock full of easy to implement green ideas, the book was published using green practices.

Publishers big and small are represented, and the books themselves cover a variety of topics, including cooking, poetry, travel and more.

The review sponsor, Eco-Libris, is an interesting organization. Eco-Libris attempts to balance out books by planting trees and to date, according to its press release, has balanced out over 110,000 books by planting more than 120,000 trees.

The links to all participating blogs is available at Eco-Libris website (

What's Wrong With Publishing
December 4, 2008by: Penny
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After “Black Wednesday” as it’s being called many publishing insiders have spoken out about what’s wrong in the industry. This is probably one of the best blog posts I’ve seen on this:

Yep. We are giving away books (and we need your help)
December 3, 2008by: Penny
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In light of the dim outlook for sales this year in publishing, the AME team has decided that instead of giving holiday gift baskets of chocolates and goodies to clients that we’re going to give books instead. But it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to send books to publishers (hmmm) so instead we’re going to buy books and give them to organizations. This is where we’d like your help. We’d love to gift books to children, soldiers, and seniors and we’re looking for organizations that need them the most. Got any ideas? Please post them on the blog or email me at

Let’s all go out and buy an extra book this year and support the industry we all love so much!

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