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by Penny Sansevieri
Publishing Insiders Wrap-up: Google SEO Updates and Staying Safe From Malware/Hackers
June 13, 2012by: Penny
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We had a great show about malware and Google updates, full of useful information to keep you protected and productive online. Our special guest was SEO expert Susan Gilbert.

About our guest: An entrepreneur since 1987, Susan Gilbert has evolved years of traditional business experience into several cutting edge projects, which includes her Web 2.0 Internet Business. As co-author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Coffee Bar,” she understands book promotion and has also been a regularly quoted resource in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine and many more.

Author and publisher of “The Land of I Can,“ Susan has demonstrated her ˜hands on” success in both traditional and online publishing. Well known for turning her dog Spencer into a superstar thanks to his ebook, How to Take Your Small Dog EVERYWHERE, and building his expert status as Ambassador of Small Dog Travel, she combines savvy marketing and search engine understanding with her entrepreneurial experiences to create buzz marketing online promotions for both authors and publishers. Learn more at

A sea of malware and hacks

The more access we have to things online, the more these vulnerabilities become open doors to malware. Even virus software can be a door to hackers. LinkedIn was hacked last week – six million email address and passwords were compromised. Many online sites – including the Author Marketing Experts, Inc. website – were hit by a particular form of malware last week known as Sites went down and then began to redirect visitors to a different website.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

The past 30 days, Susan has been knee-deep in dealing with problems. Sucuri has a scanning service for malware, and the company reported over 94,000 incidents of malware in May 2012. A typical malware situation can be fixed pretty quickly if you have a good hosting account – Susan recommends HostGator (although there are pros and cons for all accounts). The good news about HostGator is that they will scan your website and remove the malware. They don’t always take care of the problems left behind because of the malware – such as the 404 errors that show up on pages because the malware took out the permalinks to those pages. Having good hosting is a step in the right direction and having someone who can follow up and fix things is important. (more…)

Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of April 2, 2012
April 6, 2012by: Penny
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Enjoy a collection of some of the best book marketing Tweets from the past week, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include maximizing your LinkedIn profile, getting bookstores to carry indie books, promoting an author’s books on Pinterest, improving your ebook sales, and much more. Happy marketing!


* How Authors Promote Each Other’s Books on Pinterest

It never hurts to help your friends, especially if they are authors. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to promote friends’ books:

* How To Pitch Your Book to Online Outlets

Email client software screenshot

One author explains how he got some great online coverage when he was promoting his book: (more…)

Indie Books and Bookstores…
April 4, 2012by: Penny
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Guest post by Steve Moore:

Recently an edition of the NY Times featured an article on Barnes & Noble bookstores in the business section.  A summary of the article:  B&N thinks that it’s doing everything it can to survive.  My observation:  No, there are things it could do but doesn’t want to do.  Since we are in the middle of a paradigm shift in the publishing world, I wouldn’t dare make predictions on how eBooks and indie publishing are going to affect legacy publishers.  I can warn them to look out, though.  I remember opting for betamax because it was technically the best option, but VHS won the day (and now, no one uses either one!).  Predicting the fickle fate of modern technologies is best left for people that don’t eat enough protein and can use the egg on their face.

Barnes & Noble nook (ebook reader device)

So, what things would I do if I were B&N?  (I’ll ask the same question of small mom and pop bookstores below.)  First, I’d bring out a competitor to the Kindle.  Check that off.  I don’t like the Nook, but I know people who do.  When I say Kindle, I’m referring to the e-ink low glare screen version I have, the one where you can only read books and newspapers.  The Fire is a Nook is an iPad-I don’t like any of them because I’m not an apps-icon pusher.  Apps are baby computer programs, the computer version of drug addiction.  I get along just fine without them and probably always will. (more…)

Publishing Insiders Wrap-Up: Special Guest Arielle Ford
February 22, 2012by: Penny
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We had a great show with Arielle Ford, author and publicist, who discussed her latest book as well as what she did to market this book (compared to past books).

The show opened with some industry news from hosts Penny Sansevieri and Paula Krapf.

A lot of publishing news these days is tied to the letter “A” for Amazon. On Feb. 13, author J.A. Konrath wrote a post titled “Amazon Will Destroy You” for his blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. He noted that Amazon is focused on the future – 2018 to be exact. Meanwhile, in his opinion, the New York publishing industry has not changed and is not competitive. Konrath feels the traditional publishing industry has been too slow – too slow to adapt to the Internet, to sell books through their sites, etc. He concluded: “Amazon is going to destroy the Big 6, destroy bookstores, destroy 95% of all agents, destroy distributors (Ingram, Baker & Taylor), and revolutionize the publishing industry by becoming the dominant force.” You can read the entire blog post here: (more…)

Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of January 23, 2012
January 27, 2012by: Penny
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Enjoy some of the most informative book marketing Tweets from the past week, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include the best time to post content, how to increase your book’s Amazon rank, Facebook marketing tips, and much more. Happy marketing!


* The New Author Pitch: Show, Don’t Sell

Image via Wikipedia

A word cloud of the content of the word cloud ...
Learn how to use the right words to get noticed by the various audiences you want to reach: (more…)

Publishing Insiders Wrap-Up: Facebook Facts from Social Media Expert Mari Smith
January 11, 2012by: Penny
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We had a great show on relationship marketing with expert Mari Smith, author of The New Relationship Marketing.

About our guest: Mari Smith is a social media expert and trainer who is considered the queen of Facebook. She was dubbed “the Pied Piper of the Online World” by

People have always done business with people they know, like, and trust. That’s what relationship marketing is all about. In today’s world, thanks to social networking online, there are new, more direct ways of connecting with potential fans, buyers, associates, etc. Mari explains how it all works.

* Traditional marketing focuses on the transaction and closing the sale.

* Relationship marketing focuses on building long-term relationships with customers and clients. Social media makes this kind of relationship building easier than ever.

For example, Facebook has reduced the six degrees of separation to four, Mari says.

That means if you really want to go after specific influencers or potential clients you can court them via social media. You will find all manner of information on them. Do your homework and come into the relationship demonstrating that you care, that you know something about them. (more…)

Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of May 23, 2011
May 27, 2011by: Penny
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We’ve rounded up a few of the top book marketing Tweets during the past week, from bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include building an online presence to sell books, promoting your articles with social media, creating a great bio and keeping track of the top publishing trends – and much more. Happy marketing!

* Marketing Your eBook as an Audiobook

An audio cassette recording

Image via Wikipedia

When it comes to your eBook, consider it one of your marketing techniques and offer it in audio format to reach an even larger audience: (more…)

But, can you get me on Oprah?
May 26, 2011by: ameeditor
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Today at #BEA11, a bunch of folks gathered round a wide-screen TV to watch the final Oprah show. The event was hosted by a publisher who provided champagne, chocolate and mini-cupcakes. At the end of a long day at BEA, it was a welcome treat. There was quite a crowd gathered round the TV, and as Oprah walked on the screen, the group fell silent. The TV audience stood up and applauded and behind me I heard a woman whisper “Thank God I’ll never again have to hear ‘but can you get me on Oprah?'” (more…)

Armchair BEA, Day 2 Giveaways Galore and Best of 2011
May 24, 2011by: Penny
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I had fun on Day 1 checking out book blogs, getting reacquainted with some bloggers and meeting some new people, too.

Have you checked out the giveaways for participating bloggers this year? AME is one of the sponsors, and we’re giving away a Kindle: There are tons of books and other goodies that will be given away this week. Individual bloggers are also conducting some of their own giveaways, and you can find them on Twitter by using the #ArmchairBEA hashtag. (more…)

Welcome to Armchair BEA!
May 23, 2011by: Penny
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This is a huge week in the publishing world: Book Expo America. Some of our AME team is in NYC this week where they will meet with publishers, authors and others in the industry. We’ll have plenty of information this week about what’s going on in NYC and online.

For those of us who haven’t hit the road, including yours truly, Armchair BEA is a way for bloggers, particularly book bloggers, to connect online, . We’ll participate via our blog this week, and on Wednesday we will have a guest post from book blogger Heather at Capricious Reader We look forward to having Heather guest post on our blog, and I’m sure she’ll have some great advice for authors! That same day, an interview I did with Star Shadow blog will appear, We encourage you to visit the Armchair BEA website to check out the list of participating bloggers and learn more about this vital piece of the online book world. (more…)

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