AME Case Studies

A Closer Look at the Work We Do

Understanding What We Do: We’re a bit different when it comes to promotion. Over the years we have found that reviews are great, but don’t always sell books. What we go for is exposure, meaning traffic and eyes to an author’s website. How do we do this? Our Search Engine Marketing Team is one of the best in the country and we use a system of backlinks to drive a site up in search ranking. Backlinks are incoming links, so in other words someone linking to your site. But the trick really is the site that’s linking to you has to be of similar topic, and high ranking. Anybody can get an incoming link, but getting one that will get you traffic and exposure is another matter. That’s where we come in. The idea is that the higher you come up in searches, the more readers you’ll get to your site. How many times have you gone looking for something in Google and don’t get past page one to view results? That’s why we focus on exposure via ranking.

The Case Studies: What you’ll see in these case studies is exposure. We picked some of our most challenging campaigns in terms of competition. All the authors had excellent books but were in very, very competitive markets and often when they started with us had little or no Internet exposure.

The Results: The thing that we’re really keen on are immediate as well as long-term results. So not just great stuff while you’re working with us but results that can be tracked long term. Take a look at John Warrilow’s campaign below, as well as Carlton Davis and you’ll see what we mean. Our programs are solidly focused on results that don’t go away when your campaign ends.

What About Reviews? Reviews are great but do they drive traffic and sell books? We haven’t seen the return on investment in that regard. Yes, we love reviews, we just don’t build a campaign around them the way we did two years ago. Also, the review space is shrinking. Yes, even online. For example where we used to see 50 reviews for a book, we’re now seeing 5.

Will This Sell My Books? there’s no way to know that, but here’s the idea: exposure sells books, without exposure you won’t even have a chance at book sales. We get you exposure. Lots of it. Now, let’s look at some of the work we do:

A Book by Book Analysis:

Built to Sell

Built to Sell

The Book: Built to Sell

The Author: John Warrilow

Genre: Non-Fiction

The Goal: This author needed exposure for his self-published business book. When we started he did not have a website or a Facebook Fan page. He wanted to rank for the term: Built to Sell. When we researched that, we found that there were 115 million competing results, meaning 115 million web pages.

The Program: Virtual Author Buzz Tour & Facebook/Twitter combo campaign

Campaign Length: 90 days

Results: After one month, we got him to the #1 page in Google. Further this book continues to gain exposure from our work, he is still on page #1 of Google four months after the campaign is over. The competing web pages have gone from 115 million to 211 million. John is still on page #1

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The Book: Plunder

The Author: Danny Schechter

Genre: Non-Fiction

The Goal: Marketing this book was going to be a challenge because at the time the book was released, numerous others similar titles were coming out as well. Thus, we had to make sure we were offering a unique message in interested markets that would resonate in high traffic to his website.

The Program: This campaign consisted of our Virtual Author Buzz Tour – blogging plus Virtual Author Tour

Campaign Length: 90 days

The results: Danny started with a site that had minimal backlinks: 286 – when we finished, less than 90 days after he started his tour he had 32,516 incoming links into his site. The traffic, as you can imagine, was enormous.

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BiPolar Bare

The Book: BiPolar Bare

The Author: Carlton Davis

Genre: Non-Fiction

The Goal: This book was tricky, the market is saturated and the author was self-published. He had a new website and no social media exposure whatsoever. We were starting from scratch.

The Program: This campaign consisted of our Virtual Author Buzz Tour – blogging plus Virtual Author Tour and our Twitter campaign.

Campaign Length: 90 days

The results: Not only did Carlton do exceptionally well but he continues to do well. Almost two years after the campaign is over, our work pushed his website to the #2 spot in Google, his Twitter page is #3 (both on page #1 of Google) out of 9 million competing results. See corresponding screenshots on following page. After his Tour, Carlton brought us back for a Blog Tour Maintenance Program, which continued to help his results.

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Alex Webster and the Gods

The Book: Alex Webster and the Gods

The Author: David Dent

Genre: Fiction

The Goal: As a fiction, self-published book the objective is always exposure for the author. This was David’s first book so we needed to get him exposure for both the title and his name to drive interested readers to his website.

The Program: This campaign consisted of our Virtual Author Buzz Tour – blogging plus Virtual Author Tour, Social Networking Tour, and our Video campaign.

Campaign Length: 90 days

The Results: In addition to attracting people like blog owners and readers who find out

about an author through the blog posts, a large part of the traffic strategy was to attain relevant backlinks to the author’s site which would boost his search engine rankings and brings things full circle to a place where more people can find the author! When we began the tour David’s site was not even indexed in Yahoo.

When we finished he had 11 pages indexed and 84 backlinks. This number continues to grow for him. He also had 1,530 results in Google for “Alex Webster and the Gods: Because there is another ‘david dent’, we created social bookmarking accounts using daviddent9 so we could track his results separate from his Social Networking Tour. From that, he got an amazing number of backlinks: 3,440! His video was picked up multiple times by Google which also helped drive traffic to his site.

Handbook of Financing Growth

The Book: Handbook of Financing Growth

The Author: Kenneth Marks

Genre: Non-Fiction

The Goal: Intensive online exposure within his market, he really needed to get exposure on blogs relating to his topic though when we got the book, it had been out for a while.

The Program: This campaign consisted of our Virtual Author Buzz Tour – blogging plus Virtual Author Tour.

Campaign Length: 90 days

The Results: Kenneth received prominent listings on the following sites. These links remain up today and continue to drive traffic to his website:

Final analysis: On the Internet the numbers never lie. Results are always trackable, measurable, and definable. As you’re looking for a company to market you online, make sure you’re looking at the numbers. They’ll matter to your success!