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Why market online?

With 3,500 books published every day, how will yours get noticed?

It’s no secret: the Internet is rising with meteoric speed and influence.

When it comes to great book marketing, what really works?

Our book marketing research shows that readers interested in your genre and topics congregate in specific spots online. These include blogs; social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.

If you know how, reaching these people is easy- and that’s exactly how we want to help you sell books and build your brand.

We comb the Internet to uncover new and high-traffic sites where your target readers (book buyers) go to find information-sites most book marketers overlook.

We’ve developed platforms, pathways and extensive lists of often overlooked book review websites, blogs and social networking sites.

But that’s not all: getting national television, radio or magazine coverage is more than just about “pitching the media” it’s about a blended campaign. What’s a blended campaign? It’s promotion that happens both online and off.

The two elements work in sync to get your book more exposure!

Plus, we’ve pioneered innovative online programs such as our Virtual Author Tour, along with Blog and Social Media programs that ensure your success!



Internet Marketing & Publicity – what it is and why you must use it to be successful today

By going straight to your online target audience, you increase your chances for exposure and sales. Don’t get us wrong; we still believe in traditional media! But, without significant Internet exposure, your marketing campaign lacks a critical component for success.

Today, approximately 98% of the media go online to find experts. Typically, journalists receive your media kit and Google you to check your online popularity and brand recognition. If there’s no mention of you, your media kit looks like fluff and it’s likely your pitch will go unnoticed. Unfair? Maybe-but that’s how it works.  Think about going to a networking event without a business card.  You wouldn’t be putting your best and most professional foot forward.  If you don’t show a presence online, you won’t appear to be a person of interest to the media.

The solution: Your online exposure must match your offline pitch.  We also call that branding.  Big companies have been using brand recognition for years.  It works for them; and, it can work for you!

 Social Media Marketing:

Social marketing is icing on the cake: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+and more. It’s far more effective than advertising.

Over the past thirteen years, AME has perfected this strategy. Our methodology entails creating long-lasting placement for you and your book online with links back to your site where interested readers can buy your book. This technique drives tons of qualified traffic to your website.

What’s more, we’re the only company in the industry offering a full menu of strategic, effective and thoroughly tested Internet services.

Our Services:

At AME, we offer complete publicity services for authors and their books, with a focus on cutting-edge online and offline promotion. We’re leaders in our field – in fact, no other book publicist can match our online successes!

For a complete Catalog of Services,

How do our tours work?  First, our team of book promotion, marketing and journalists study your book and genre to determine the best online channels and platforms for promotion.

Then, we use cutting edge “push-pull” online strategies to gain the exposure you need. How does it work? First, we “push” information out to targeted online audiences to create buzz and interest. Then, we “pull” that same demographic back to you, for top exposure!

After all, the revolution in cyberspace and book promotion offers loads of options other than just waiting for book reviews. While we love reviews, the market can be tricky. Sales are really about exposure-and exposure is gained by “pulling” people to your website!

As leaders in our field, we use these revolutionary Internet “pull” strategies for inbound marketing to your website for one reason only-because they work! And since everything’s online, these efforts gain exposure that lasts long after your tour is complete-one, two years or more! Ten books on the New York Times bestseller list tell the story: “pull” marketing works-and it works well!


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