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by Penny Sansevieri
How to Get More Views on YouTube
April 14, 2014by: Paula
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Would you like more people to watch your YouTube channel? It’s all in the keywords you choose and use. James Wedmore explains how to get more traffic and sell more stuff by using the right keywords!

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Viral Video: The Secrets to Creating Video that Gets Seen
April 11, 2014by: Penny Sansevieri
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Last week I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s a fantastic event and if you want to stay up on social media at all, you should really consider attending this event.

If you weren’t there, I thought I’d share my notes, favorite tweets, screenshots of some fabulous slides, as well as some video clips to help you ramp up your marketing!


How does YouTube measure engagement? They measure it by watch time, that’s how they measure.

Did you know that 60% of video views come from search? Why is this important? Because your keywords really matter!

And when coming up with keywords, keep this tip in mind: People don’t search for our solutions; they search by their problems – via @kimgarst

The ultimate goal on YouTube is to get them off of the site. What does this mean? You need to have a call to action (CTA)

Not sure what to make videos of? Here’s a  tip: Identify what questions people are asking when they are considering working with you.

Wonder what’s trending in your marketing on YouTube or want to get some keyword ideas? You can find keywords by typing terms into Google or YouTube to get ideas for the video.

When it comes to making a video, keep this in mind: The first 5 seconds are key. Let them know what are they getting out of this video and why it’s important.

Did you know? Get visual! “A shopper is 174% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video before shopping.”

Keywords are key: Use keywords in your title, tags and description. Also, be sure to mention the keywords during the video –as part of the narrative. How often should you mention it? At least four times!

Bumper video: if you’re going to start doing video, see if you can have someone create a short intro or bumper video for you. It’ll help brand you! What should be in a bumper video? Title of the show, tag line (if you have one), picture or video of yourself and intro music.

Did you know that YouTube transcribes videos? This is good news, but their transcription isn’t always great. They recommend getting a transcriptionist on Fivvr or ODesk and then uploading it to YouTube.

Let’s talk CTA (call to action):

Here are some CTA’s that work well for video:

What to do

Why to do it

How to do it


You can do a lot with the new YouTube toolbox; one of them is the External Link Annotation, which essentially means sending folks to an offer outside of Facebook. Check it out!

YouTube Session External Link Annotation








How to find the Perfect Keywords for Your Video!



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Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of April 7, 2014
April 11, 2014by: Paula
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We’ve pulled together some of the most popular book marketing tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include how to use Google+ circles, where to get images to use on your blog, ways to grow your writing skills, and more. Happy marketing!


* How to Market a Book & Strengthen Your Author Platform with Goodreads

Goodreads is a great site for author promotion, and the site offers a number of ways authors can market themselves:

* 9 Ways to Grow in Writing Skills

Author Jody Hedlund offers 9 ways authors can challenge themselves to grow:

* Google+ Circles: Making them Work for You

If you haven’t done much with Google+ Circles, you’re missing out. Learn more:

* Wonder How to Best Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing?

TopRank’s Nick Ehrenberg explains the pros and cons of hashtags:


Sell Your Stuff on Pinterest
April 9, 2014by: Penny Sansevieri
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More from my notes taken at Social Media Marketing World!


Here’s a cool idea: you can leverage your personal/business accounts on Pinterest and make yourself a contributor on all your boards! Contributor boards get better traction on Pinterest!

The power in Pinterest is in original pins, because 80% of pins on the site are repins. Creating your own content is really important. What kind of content does well? Here’s a great video that illustrates some fantastic pin ideas for your boards! (Hint: checklists do very well on there)

Doing offers on Pinterest is also a great idea, so you could weave one of the ideas into an offer (a free offer) using a site called Leadspages ( The site can help you pull in leads from the offer. Here are two examples of what your pin might look like:



Pinterest Promotion Page













Pinterest Example










When setting up the landing page using Leads Pages, the landing page should look similar to the offer. Here’s an example:

Pinterest Promotion Examples










Here are the steps:

  • First, you want to figure out the offer. What will you give them?
  • Next, create the lead page
  • Then, Pin it! That’s it!

Melanie also mentioned that it’s important to add a disclaimer on the form (where you’re taking their email address), she mentioned it’s very helpful for getting signups. The Disclaimer would be “we never share or sell our email lists.”

One final note, add the word FREE to the pin. Also, include a link to the offer in the description, too.

Make pins taller, vs. wider — add a call to action in the image, too. So, CLICK HERE (which is shown in the first Pinterest image above)


How many boards should you have? Melanie recommended 5 boards and 10 pins per board (at a minimum).

You can and should repin your original content, too.  You should also keep repining your offer!

Fun Pinterest Tools!





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How to Run Successful Ads on Facebook
April 8, 2014by: Penny Sansevieri
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Recently I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s a fantastic event and if you want to stay up on social media at all, you should really consider attending this event.

If you weren’t there, I thought I’d share my notes, favorite tweets, screenshots of some fabulous slides, as well as some video clips to help you ramp up your marketing!

Running Successful Facebook Ads

This was one of two sessions on Facebook ads (which have become super confusing). The first session was with Jon Loomer (

With the new Facebook ads, you can target “like” audiences by uploading email lists or asking Facebook to find similar audiences for an author similar to your market.

You can now also do something called website custom audiences on Facebook. What the system does is target anyone who visited your site in the last 30 days (you need to add a cookie to your website to do this). If someone has visited your site but didn’t like your Page on Facebook, your ad will show up in their newsfeed. Cool, right?

Here’s a unique tip from Dennis Yu. If want to do “like audience” ads on Facebook, and you want to find out specific page information such as the Facebook Page ID, etc. here’s what you need to do. Go to your browser and type in: (or whatever Facebook page you’re looking for). This tells you a ton about the page, such as page activity, when it was established, how many likes it has, etc. Also, you can find user addresses, etc. Very helpful for targeting ads or Facebook pages.

Another expert on Facebook (Jon Loomer) suggested posting 2, 3 and often 4 times a day on the site. I would suggest that you try different times and see what your fans want, in the end that’s what matters. Regardless, it should be more than once a day!

Facebook ads tip: Never run a sidebar ad. Why? Because Facebook is a very mobile site, meaning that a lot of folks access it using their mobile devices. Sidebar ads don’t show up in mobile!

Optimized (OCPM) CPM is something Jon Loomer recommends highly. Essentially what this means is that Facebook choses who to target within the audience you assign. They will bid appropriately, and you don’t have to make as many ads.

One note on ads, don’t go for gigantic audiences. They just don’t convert well at all.

Note on Facebook Like Audiences ads: If you can find emails of influencers (with similar audiences to yours) you can then have Facebook match the audience on your like campaign. For example, if you are a romance author and you have the email address for a high-profile author with lots of Facebook Likes, you can add this email to your batch when setting up your Like Audiences so it will pull in a similar audience to what this author has. Smart, no?  

The Facebook sales funnel. Here’s are the stages of engagement from Dennis Yu’s presentation:

Facebook the Sales Funnel

Though this is a bit harder to read, I thought it was helpful. These are the different ads and the audiences they engage based on ad type:

Facebook The Engagement Funnel

And here are two great videos of Dennis Yu’s presentation on Facebook Ads, Like Audiences (which is a great new ad you can access through the Power Editor)


The Best Ads to Run on Facebook (to Sell More Stuff)
April 7, 2014by: Paula
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Have you ever used the Custom Audiences function on Facebook? The ways this works is if you have someone’s email address (such as a top influencer) you can plug his or her name into the Power Editor on Facebook when you’re creating your ad and it will promote your ad to that person’s audiences, too. It’s a great way to sell more of your product. Dennis Yu at Social Media Marketing World will walk you through using Custom Audiences.

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Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of March 31, 2014
April 4, 2014by: Paula
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Get some inspiration from these book marketing tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include successful Facebook marketing, ways to increase traffic to your website, marketing tips for indie authors, and more. Happy marketing!


* 5 Keep-It-Simple Marketing Tips For Indie Authors

It’s an easy equation: three niches + calendar = simple marketing:

Like and Share Thumbs Up

* The Biggest Lie Aspiring Writers Believe

It could be the difference between success and failure:

* How Self Published Writers Can Build a Sustainable Career

This interview focuses on long-term strategies for authors:

* 33 Compelling Statistics That Will Power Your Marketing Strategy

When you understand what drives the various social networks, you’ll make better marketing decisions:

* Four Things You Can Do Now to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Discover where – and how – to distribute your content so you get more visitors to your website or blog:

* Insider Secrets to Successful Facebook Marketing

Great insights from the experts at the recent Social Media Marketing World event:

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Insider Secrets to Successful Facebook Marketing
April 3, 2014by: Penny Sansevieri
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Last week I was at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It’s a fantastic event and if you want to stay up on social media at all, you should really consider attending this event.

If you weren’t there, I thought I’d share my notes, favorite tweets, screenshots of some fabulous slides, as well as some video clips to help you ramp up your marketing!


Facebook Insights

There were several presenters who taught about Facebook; it seems that everyone is struggling with this social platform right now. Getting seen, getting Likes, getting sales. Here are some tips from the pros:

First, if you dislike Facebook right now you’re not alone. Check this out:

63% of marketers don’t find Facebook effective in getting customers. per @gideonshalwick

Did you know: Only 200 out of the 1500 potential stories are seen on Facebook because of the newsfeed?

No wonder no one is seeing your stuff.

Now for some tips. We all know hashtags are effective, but Mari Smith (@marismith) cautions: No more than two #Hashtags in posts in Facebook.

She also recommends testing the frequency of your posts and says that more frequent posts often get more visibility. Per Mari: Post testing on Facebook – test two times a day vs. 1 per hour and see what that leverages you.

She also suggested the following on timing: Play with the timing a bit and try to post outside of normal business hours.

Edgerank is possibly the most super secret and confusing part of Facebook, so what contributes to it? Mari Smith says: 1,000 factors contribute to ranking in Facebook.

Yikes. No wonder no one can figure it out!
Here’s another fun tip: Mari recommends changing your FB cover photo regularly. Craft content to encourage sharing.

This is a new thing with Facebook, if you @tag Pages in your posts, Facebook may tag the mentioned page so you show up for their fans, too.

Facebook ads can be tricky, I have a lot more coming on the ads, but here is one big piece of advice: Stay away from the boosting button (Boost Post); use mobile newsfeed friendly Power Editor in Facebook

What matters when it comes to Engagement on Facebook? Mari says: Stop paying attention to “likes” on Facebook and PTAT (people talking about this), they don’t matter as much as we think.

Facebook Vanity Metrics








According to Mari Smith, these are the stages of promotion on Facebook:

Facebook the Phases of Promotion








We need to respond quicker folks – check out these response times on social. Yikes:

Facebook and Social Media Response Time








Mari also recommended some great content curation tools, these rock!


Great Content Curation Tools








And finally here’s a great clip on creating successful Facebook Ads!

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AME Blog Carnival: tips and tricks for writers and authors – March 31, 2014
March 31, 2014by: Paula
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Welcome to the March 31, 2014 edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors. We’ve got some tips on marketing, and writing, for this week. Thank you to all of the contributors.


Sarah Bolme presents Don’t Overlook This Marketing Opportunity posted at Marketing Christian Books, saying, “Many self-published authors don’t think about this great marketing venue.”

email computer key

Ben Z presents Prepare Your Book for its KDP Select free Promotion Days posted at Ben Zackheim Blog, saying, “A step-by-step guide, with best practices! Yup. Blog posts about Amazon KDP Select free promo days are as common as bad drivers on I84. But I want to do something a little different here. I want to lay out steps and include details about why they are important. I’ll also give you a basic overview of boosting posts on Facebook. These days it’s best to spend five bucks to get the word out. Once you sign up for KDP Select and figure out what you can do with your exclusive Amazon ebook, you may find a small bump in the road. Actually it may look more like a big, honking wall. The wall is spray painted with large words… “NOW WHAT?” Here’s what.”

Kimberly Grabas presents Email List Building Series (Part 1): The Power of an Email List (And Why It’s a Must) posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “If there was one thing you could do that would multiply your reach and help you build deeper relationships with people who are already interested in your message and your work–would you do it? What if that one thing required no tricks, no SEO, no fancy design skills and no algorithms to decipher? And if building that same one thing over time lead to significantly increased sales of your books or services– would it be worth doing? Building a targeted and invested email list of subscribers is hands down one of THE most important things you can do to ensure the long term growth of your writing career. If I could only take one thing with me on a deserted (platform building) island, it would be my email list. Why? Because no matter how important blogging, social media, publicity and other forms of outreach are for getting your work in front of the right eyeballs, your email list is the only thing–if nurtured–that will allow you to directly and personally communicate with your readers on an ongoing basis.”

The Walsh Group Blog presents 10 Signs Your Website Needs an Update posted at The Walsh Group, saying, “There’s a cliché floating around about websites- that they’re the “new business cards”. While this analogy can be useful, thinking about your business’ website in this way may skew your understanding of how it functions in one crucial respect. A website is, or at least should be, a dynamic, ever changing entity. A respectable website is one that is updated frequently.”


Chrys Fey presents How to Write a Synopsis posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Not only do you have to write your book and a query letter, you also have to write a synopsis. Here are ten tips to help you write a synopsis.

Erica Verrillo presents Never Give Up! Never Surrender! posted at Publishing … And Other Forms of Insanity, saying, “For writers, rejections aren’t just inevitable – they are a way of life. Every writer gets rejections. Every. Single. One. There are no exceptions. Here is a tally that should, if not encourage you, at least bring you back to reality. (The reality is this: keep your day job, but KEEP WRITING!!)”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of tips and tricks for writers and authors using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of March 24, 2014
March 28, 2014by: Paula
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Here are some hot issues from book marketing tweets, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include email marketing mistakes, how to reach readers, Facebook tricks that don’t work, and more. Happy marketing!


* Tips for Reaching Readers

Learn how to become part of the reading world to find out what your readers really want and need:

social media doodles

* Do You Have to Write the Whole Book Before Pitching for a Publisher?

The ‘rules’ have changed; why fiction and nonfiction authors should write their book first:

* 5 Tips for Using Twitter to Pitch Your Story

If you use Twitter properly, you’ve got a good shot reaching the media:

* 7 Facebook Marketing “Tips” and “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work

Some of the methods to get traction on Facebook really don’t matter:

* 15 Cringe-worthy Email Marketing Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Not making email marketing a priority is one gaffe – learn why:

* 3 Reasons You Might Want to Wait to Publish Your Book

There are four “must-dos” before you publish. Have you taken these steps yet?

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