Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of Dec. 2, 2013

by: Penny
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Get inspired by these book marketing tweets from the past week, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include Twitter etiquette, how to have a more effective blog, what kind of visual content works in marketing, and more. Best of luck with your promotions!


* 5 Habits of Motivated Novelists – Which Ones Do You Have?

Did you ever wonder how some writers manage to get all their work done? They probably follow these rules:

Dog with book H1

* 5 Reasons Your Blog Post Stinks (And What to Do Instead)

If you feel you’ve been toiling away but get crickets in response, reevaluate your approach to blogging:

* 7 Ways to Make Your Content Amazingly Edible

These tips will help you understand what your followers want so you can keep them coming back to your site:

* What Visual Content Should You Use to Make Your Marketing Stand Out?

We hear a lot about how using photos and videos are important; learn the most effective methods:

* 12 Elementary Tips for Twitter

When you practice Twitter etiquette you will attract – not repel – followers:

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