Best of the Web Book Marketing Tips for the Week of July 1, 2013

by: Penny

We’ve got a good mix of marketing and publishing tweets from the past week that offer good advice, courtesy of bloggers, marketers, authors and others. The topics include tools to track brand mentions, how to have successful book launch parties, what authors must know about Google search, and more. Happy marketing!


* 5 Ways to Get Readers to Give a Damn About Your Blog

You must provide value to your blog readers to get them to come back. Here’s what you can do:

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* 26 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Content Strategy

Learn what to publish, when, and where in order to increase the visibility and reach of your content:

* Four Things Indie Authors Need to Understand About Google Search

If you want to have a higher search ranking, you need to understand Google’s system:

* 12 Tips for Successful Book Launch Parties

These tips will help you discover if you should have a book launch, and if you do, how to host a successful event:

* 10 Must-Have Tools for Tracking Brand Mentions

It’s important to keep track of your online buzz; here are some tools to help you:

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