Paula Krapf

Official Bio:

Paula Krapf, COO, has been with Author Marketing Experts for nearly 10 years and wears a variety of hats: managing editor of the twice-monthly Book Marketing Expert newsletter, producer of the Publishing Insiders podcast on Blog Talk Radio and overseer of the AME blog and AME fanpage.

She is a former journalist and spent more than a decade working for weekly and daily newspapers in various states before moving into marketing and public relations. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughter and two cats.

And for the record, her last name does not sound like “crap.” The ‘p’ is silent :)

This is what Paula says about herself:

I’m a Kindle-obsessed, cat-loving coffee drinker who is grateful to have so many Starbucks located close by for instant fuel. If I’m not working, I am probably Skyping with Penny so we can kvetch about the latest celeb scandal, or speculate about politics, elections or the latest breaking news – I’m a news junkie who checks newsfeeds throughout the day. I Tweet regularly about happenings in the publishing world, too, you’ll find me at @PaulaatAME.


I also try to make time to read daily, and my current passion is reading a mix of historical fiction and nonfiction all set in Tudor England – really, is anything more entertaining than Henry VIII, his six wives and the politics and intrigue of his court? At this rate, I may not leave the 16th Century for quite some time as my wish list grows in inverse proportion to the number of books I’ve read. But that’s a good thing, and I hope Jeff Bezos appreciates my business.

I’m also a proud supporter of Anderson Animal Shelter is South Elgin, IL where my family adopted our two cats, Angus (L) and Foo (R).