Amy Cornell

Official Bio:

Amy Cornell, resident Project Manager, came to Author Marketing Experts by kismet. She wrote Penny one day saying how much she loved the AME newsletter and was welcomed to the family soon after.

She has a background in newspaper and editing, but recently found herself going back for a degree in international marketing. This endeavor had her living in London and just outside Paris for a year – which she lovingly refers to as both her most expensive vacation and the best reason to become a student again. Amy loves working directly with clients, admittedly gets caught up brainstorming new publicity strategies, and lives to multi-task.

This is what Amy says about herself:

I genuinely enjoy doing what I do; and view it as an opportunity to channel my Type A energy to benefit the common good. But I have a large, goofy dog, an adrenaline junkie husband, and a toddler that takes after her daddy to remind me that there are reasons to step away from the computer. I grew up in Alaska so out of principle I’m always looking for the next, fun athletic event to tackle, but it’s more or less turning into a way to sustain my love of cooking and enjoying all the Pacific Northwest craft beers.

BernieI’ve always loved reading and make a point to alternate every new title with a classic. I’m old school and still love the look and feel of a much appreciated paperback, and I don’t share, so moving has always been expensive. It’s a daily struggle to not reply to emails or Facebook posts with grammar corrections and I sing shamelessly to Pandora’s Broadway Showstoppers when I’m (pretty much) alone.

My dog Bernie and our family are also proud supporters of Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue in Palmer, AK and Old Dog Haven in Lake Stevens, WA.

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